Rock Your Best with Clean Eating - Guest Blog by Raquel "Rocky" Horsford

Posted on 10 June 2016

It feels cliche to say that becoming a mom makes it harder to take care of yourself.  But the reality is, before kids we all had more time.

I constantly remind myself that, although the landscape of how I approach my fitness has changed, that doesn’t mean I can't live a healthy lifestyle...and have a career and be a good mom (it takes some doing, but it's possible).  

I was incredibly excited when fitness guru, and super-mom, Raquel "Rocky" Horsford offered to team up with Chocolate Milke! We met up for fun park workout (see the video below), full of exercises you can 'squeeze in' during your child's nap, at the playground, etc.

*Note: headstand is optional* 

Rocky had some eating tips for me, which she was kind enough to share in the blog below.  I loved how these are more guidelines than strict rules.  We don't have be perfect...we just have to do our best, every day.  

To learn more about Rocky and to Rock Your Best, follow her on IG and check out her website (she danced with Beyonce, you, seriously.  She's the coolest!)

PS that cute, little bean in the video is our videographer's daughter, Quinn.  Even she got caught up in Rocky's positive, high-energy vibe.





Hello Rockyourbest- STARS! I have an announcement! Ready?

I want you to eat! Really good food. The kinds of super-foods that make you feel like a million bucks after. Your food fuel is meant to give you energy, not deplete you. So the next time you order....... {you can insert your guilty pleasure here} so not to offend anyone, and it leaves you laying on the couch, wishing that you had not. Well, that’s no bueno! You deserve to feel your BEST at all times.

I challenge you all to start a CLEAN EATING diet. I hate to even use that word “diet”. But for lack of a better word. Oh, wait! Lets think of this “diet” as your new SUMMER LIFESTYLE eating plan!!!! Ooohh, I love that. Lifestyles, happens as you create a habit. And sometimes habits forms out of a necessity or from a challenge. Are you up for it?

Firstly, I think we are all at an advantage this season: Summer, one of my favorite months. Of course, it has a lot to do with the foods that are seasonal or straight from your backyard.

Your EATING GUIDELINE is simple. All foods you pick from the tree or pull up from the ground QUALIFY! If its in a package and you can read the ingredients and know what they are? Then you are good to GO! The guessing work is gone!

ORGANIC QUALITY - is absolutely at the top of my list. I want to not only EAT CLEAN, but I want my foods chemically clean as well. I personally aim for ORGANIC produce. But there are times I will buy non-organic produce in which I will not end up eating the skin. My must Organic buys would be water based veggies. ie. Cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes, berries, etc. all fruits and veggies with thin skin. Because if they are being spray, those would be the ones who would absorb the toxins.

Rockstars! Don’t forget about your skin. It is the largest organ of your body. It keeps you looking young. Helps keep your muscles healthy, releases toxins, helps reduces bloating and cramping and water retention. Drink half of your body weight in ounces . Your skin needs it and so does your internal health. Summer is coming. Infuse your water with cucumber, strawberries, mint, oranges, etc. Adds a refreshing flavor and becomes your own homemade Vitamin water. Be fancy.

My PORTION plate sort of look like four squares. I always has some type of vegetable sides, preferably (2 or 3) and/or salad. I really don’t put restrictions on how much vegetables I eat. I eat until I feel satisfied.
My PROTEIN is usual 4oz. piece of wild fish. The size of your palm. It’s usually grilled, baked or pan seared. But yours may be legumes, free range chicken, eggs or grass fed beef. .....remember quality!

Then....CARBS which are only to be eaten if you have earned them. If you need them for energy. Meaning if I had a very active day/worked out etc. Go ahead and have them within 1-3 of your workout, BUT if I have a laid back day, “I did not break a sweat day” ......Then you know the answer. Correct! That’s a No. So if you are craving those carbs, Get out there and ROCKYOURBEST! AND Bust a MOVE!!!

LASTLY, NO PROCESSED FOODS. I know .......BUT it's just a challenge. You may surprise yourself!
Hurry up and support your local farmers markets and or shop the perimeters of your supermarket.

#ROCKYOURBEST by Raquel Horsford

Video by Robert Torres

Workout by Raquel Horsford

Styling / Apparel: Leggings by Chocolate Milke, Tanks by Rock Your Best (available on her website...these are so comfortable!)

Cuteness provided by Quinn Torres...also wearing Chocolate Milke

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